Monday, May 14, 2007

Responsible Blogging

Responsible blogging is clearly necessary to avoid the dangers and threats that could potentially come along with it. One must draw the line between his or her freedom of speech and possibly dangerous comments that he or she may make. Therefore, a few examples of dangerous blogging shown to our class by Mr. Miller could be a threat, racist remark, or sign of a predator. In case of a predator, one shouldn't give out any personal information, such as their full name or telephone number. As well, if you are posting an online job interview, one can keep record of or find a blog that you've created in the past which may contain immature language, behavior, etc. They could use it against you to keep you from obtaining that job. I feel that all of these concerns are legitimate because with the internet now-a-days, anything is entirely possible. There are creeps everywhere and sometimes we are too ignorant to realize this. Putting personal information on your blog is just asking for the attention. A few rules the class should follow for safe blogging should obviously be to not include personal information, to not use profanity or obscene language, and to use it for solely an educational purpose. One shouldn't try to make friends as if it were myspace, attracting the wrong type of people. The key to safe blogging is to use your own good judgement in what you say or do.


ted's blog on 1984 said...

I agree with what you think is responsible blogging. You make a good point that if someone has a job interview and the people interviewing them see something not very good from them on some sort of blog, they can be held against that when he or she needs the job. You say, "They could use it against you to keep you from obtaining that job" (like I said).

George's Blog said...

Thank you Ted.