Thursday, May 31, 2007

Important Ideas Learned From Other Classmates

Overall, I feel that the entire blogging process was great. It gave us a chance to view other's work and incorporate their ideas with ours. And, there were even a few parts to the book in which I did not truly understand, and I checked out Adam's blog to help guide me through that part. The particular concept that Adam explained through his blog was doublethink, which didn't come to me real easy. Through his examples I was able to find out what that word truly meant. This is one of the many benefits I have from blogging. Also, when I wanted to comment on my friend Eric's blog to show that I agreed with him on the topic of safe blogging, I was able to. If we were to have been doing ordinary homework, these options aren't available to me. I can see other's work for whatever necessity I have. Whether I needed someone to interperet something for me, to comment another's thinking, or to even use someone's else's ideas to start my own, blogging was there for me. That's why it's so great, it gives you those options that handing in separate pieces of paper to your teacher don't. Therefore, blogging is more beneficial than all other forms of homework for those simple reasons.

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