Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Thoughts On The Novel

Thus far, I have numerous thoughts, opinions, and requests towards the outcome of the book, on the whole. The parts where both Syme and the Parson children talk about the "hanging" made me sick. The thought that someone could see a hanging as a form of entertainment is just wrong and twisted. It is meant to be a severe punishment in the form of torture, not a sport or game. Syme said how he liked when the victim's blue tongue sticks out. People now-a-days would throw up if they heard of somebody that found that awful site pleasurable. It is completely disguisting and horrible. This society is truly a dystopia. Everything that happens (other than Winston's few sneaky, rebellious moves) is totally undesirable. I would hate living here. It is about time for Winston to rebel.

I also hope that the Proles decide to rebel, alongside with Winston. They have the power to and all that they need to do is set their minds to it. This controlling, totalitarian dictatorship must be impeached by the power of the people. There is not enough freedom for people to even enjoy themselves. Living in fear your whole life is something that nobody should ever want or hope for. Yet, the Proles could change this. They have the power and the number of people to do it. I'm sure there's many more citizens who feel the same way and would join them in the rebellion. He who questions authority is more likely to get what he desires, while he who remains silent will be more likely to cause little or no effect on his leader's thoughts and decisions.


Olivia said...

I also had opinions to the way people got so excited for hangings. You talk about how it makes you sick to think that people would watch that as entertainment. However, in our society today there are also some pretty sick forms of entertainment.This may be more severe, but watching people eat live spiders or watching people beat eachother up in cages until they are bleeding is sickening to me.

I also hope the proles rebel. If the proles are 85 percent of the population then i think they have the power to do it. I think the ignorance is holding them back. I really liked how you included that quote from the book. It raises alot of ideas. I wonder if Winston is going to be the man who questions his authority.

- Olivia =]

George's Blog said...

Olivia, you just make my day. I like how we both made the connection between the entertainment in their world and in ours. Be sure to practice safe blogging!

Adam said...

You said "The thought that someone could see a hanging as a form of entertainment is just wrong and twisted" I think that this just shows how strong of a grip the party has on peoples thoughts. It would take a lot of "brainwashing" to get me to watch a hanging for fun. I think that the party wants people to watch the hanging because even though they want to watch it, it probably makes them depressed and angry to watch it, which is just what the party wants them to feel

Liz said...

I agree with your thinking, I do also wish that the proles and people would act out and actually say what they truly feel because if then the world may change and the party could be overthrown and good will come out.-Liz =]

Miller said...

I enjoyed reading these comments, especially the parts about the hangings as entertainment. Adam said "It would take a lot of "brainwashing" to get me to watch a hanging for fun." What kinds of sick or violent entertainment is popular in our society today? How about nonstop news about Anna Nicole Smith's death while more significant events are happening in our world, like the war in Iraq or genocide in Darfur? Maybe we are all like proles?

katharine said...

I like how you connected with the book. It seems like you enjoy reading it. And of course, please practice safe blogging.