Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Big Brother Is Watching You"

For my own chosen blog, I have decided to discuss the excerpt "Big Brother Is Watching You" as a topic. I feel, and obviously know, that it plays a significant role on both the novel and today in our society. In the novel, it shows that "Big Brother", or the government, is always in control. No privacy is allowed and almost all freedoms are taken away. Recognition of the past is prohibited to therefore ensure a pre-planned future in which the government powers everything. Any idea of rebellion could result in potential death or severe punishment. Thoughts are even being interpereted by the Spy Police. All in all, everything that you say, do, or think is being monitored by any governmental official at any given time. You need to think before you act in whatever circumstance.

This quote still plays a large role in our society's response to certain governmental-based decisions. I have seen this quote re-stated in places such as editorials in newspapers where the citizens are allowed to express their opinion toward a political action. People use this quote to show that they feel the government is keeping too strong of a hold on the people and their possible activities. It is used as a warning to show the resemblence of our government's power to that of the political party in 1984. It is basically one large comparison to bring the fact that our government may have too much power to our attention. There are many symbolic quotes or ideas from this novel that are used to exemplify the status of our country's government.


Kathy said...

You say that our government"may have too much power." Do you agree with the people who "use this quote to show that they feel the government is keeping too strong of a hold on the people and their possibile activities" ?
Mrs. D.

George's Blog said...

Partially I do agree with them, and partially I don't. When it comes to the war in Iraq, I feel that the majority rule of the people should decide whether or not we remain there, and not the president solely. People should be less under the control of our president's decisions. Yet, there is a bad side to this. If too much freedom is given, radicals may come out or people may attempt to overthrow the government if they feel it is unsatisfactory. So, in sum, the topic in which these people choose to use this quote toward has the main impact on whether or not I agree with them.

Bruno F. said...

I was wondering where is this image taken from ?