Friday, May 11, 2007

Beginning of 1984

After reading an excerpt from the early text of 1984, I can get the whole overall picture of what the story is going to be about. Winston Smith, an everyday man is this totalitarion society, is likewise forced to live under the fear due to his government. "Big Brother" is their leader and he controls everything through the five "ministries." Everything that one does and even says is recorded and watched by "Big Brother." Therefore, you must think before you act, every single time. The conditions of the setting in this novel are described as a "dystopia", and are therefore quite undesirable and not too intriguing. Overall, the story seems like it will be very interesting and I hope that Winston attempts to overthrow this control-freak of a government.


Bing Miller said...

George: Some interesting thoughts as you begin the novel. As you read, consider this: how does the government maintain such control? How are they part of the people's everyday lives?

Keep reading and thinking.

Anthony G said...

george the book sounds really good what you said about it. i like how u said that u need to think before you act